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Welcome to CareerMove

We have created this site hope it is of help to anybody who is searching for a job on the web, especially in an international environment.

Maybe you want to change careers?
We offer Tipps for job and career.
You'll find references to the correct application and information for your job also. In addition you'll find specials such as work abroad, job in the health service and much more besides...

CareerMove is Your Internet starting point for international job seekers and employers...

Before you start writing your application

Before you start writing your application make sure that you have:
a good understanding of the job for which you are applying
obtained a copy of the job's duty statement and selection criteria
Remember: Filling out an application is the very first job an employer will give you and you seldom get a second chance to make a first impression.



Recruiters are people paid by employers to find appropriate candidates to fill the employer's job openings. Note that there are different kinds of recruiters.


Job Opportunities

Most people check out the big Employment Super Sites (see links). But, they are not the only, or even always the best, place to look. Smaller, more focused sites can often be much more useful to you.


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